Kannel 1.4.3 vs PORTech MV-372 (or MV-37x for that matter)

If you got to reading this, you most likely know what is Kannel and what PORTech MV-37x is.
As you know MV lets you use it’s modems over telnet, just provide username, password, give some extra command and voila, you are controlling modem directly. So I wanted to befriend Kannel with MV. After quick glance over Kannel docs it seemed that there should be no problem. Nevertheless there is a problem, the “give some extra command” problem, Kannel does not know how to do that. In ten minutes this patch was born. It lets you use MV-37x device as GSM modem SMSC in Kannel. I do not know how useful it is for anyone, especially taking in account that voice calls are effectively disabled if modem is in use by Kannel (it just ATH0’s every RING it sees), but if you still think it is worth it, take the patch, apply it to sources, compile your Kannel, add following lines to your kannel.conf
group = smsc
smsc = at
modemtype = portechm
device = rawtcp
speed = 115200
host = ""
port = 23
smsc-username = voip
smsc-password = 1234
login-prompt = username:
password-prompt = password:
extra-login = module1
extra-login-prompt = "command: logout, module, module1, module2, state1, state2."
extra-login-ok = "got!! press 'ctrl-x' to release module 1."
keepalive = 20

group = modems
id = portechm
name = "Portech"
no-pin = true

and shoot away.

Disclaimer – I take no responsibility whatsoever for this patch and you are downloading and applying it on your own risk.
Another disclaimer – your extra-login, extra-login-prompt and extra-login-ok will most likely be different, you have to figure those out yourself

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