GSM/UMTS broadband discone antenna

At country house where we usually spend weekends gsm/umts network coverage is very poor, even voice jumps on and off, leave alone data. So in a course of trying to get my dose of internet while in this operator forsaken place I built a discone antenna that is known for it’s broadband properties. First tests while in good coverage area show that antenna works and works better than built in thingie of Huawei E1752, real tests will be conducted on weekend. As a backup, I purchased professionally made 9dBi log periodic that covers all frequencies in question.

Link to online discone antenna design tool
and image of antenna I built –

Antenna is built from 0.3mm brass sheet for cone and regular single sided PCB material, held together with hot glue ūüôā

tests in very poor coverage conditions prove that antenna works and works good, while my HTC Desire barely has connection at all and even making voice calls is almost impossible, internet connection using Huawei E1752 usb modem and discone antenna has stable 3G/HSDPA connection.

got return loss plot back from friend at

what this plot essentially means Рmy antenna has VSWR under 1.5:1 in gsm/umts range and is absolutely suitable for transmission.